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SHADOW REPORT TO CEDAW PARAGUAY 2011: A report by civil society on the State of Paraguay’s compliance with the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, 2011

Presentation to the Committee against Torture Alternative Report to the fourth, fifth and sixth periodic reports due in 2003, 2007 and 2011, submitted in reply to the list of issues (CAT/C/PRY/Q/4-6). Paraguay​, 2011

Women and youth as technological and political actors in ICT formal and non-formal initiatives for development and gender equality iin Paraguay, project proposal, Diakonia, Swedish organization for international development cooperation, 2011

Young Women doing research on Young People In the Information Society: Work Area Program "Young People and Gender", Gender Society and Policies Area, FLACSO, Argentina, presentation, 2011

“Aid Effectiveness from a Gender Perspective”, Proposed Work Plan by PRIGEPP, FLASCO, Project Proposal to UN WOMEN -- INSTRAW, 2011

Latin American and Caribbean Access to Justice Watch, website, 2012

Tekoeté: True Way of Being, documentary by Hugo Gammarra, 2010 

The Wish by  Juan Cárcamo Romero, short short story


Gender Equality and Creativity: empowering adolescent girls and young women to tell their own stories through video production and child and gender rights awareness, project proposal for Plan Paraguay, 2011

EXPO CEDAW, project proposal funded by UNWomen for photo exhibition celebrating the 30th Anniversary of CEDAW, 2012

Strengthening women’s empowerment in the democratic process in Paraguay, project proposal funded by UNDEF for the Society for Rural Studies and Popular Culture (Sociedad de Estudios Rurales y Cultura Popular -SER), 2012

Facets, learning processes and vision - Innovation in theory and practice, publication about PRIGEPP graduate programs, edit English, 2011

Between idealism and precariousness: a brief overview of translation theory